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18 Aug, 2020

The ALCOA+ principles in practice – Part 3

Tom Lynam

In the third and final part of our blog series exploring the ALCOA+ principles, we’re focusing on ‘+’; Completeness, Consistency, Enduring and Availability. You can read Part…

04 Aug, 2020

Planning for data management success

Tom Lynam

I recently spoke on an Arkivum webinar about how to build a plan for successful long-term data management. During the session I covered a range of general…

26 Jun, 2020

Webinar: Digital preservation of documents and emails

Matthew Addis

In this webinar Arkivum CTO and CO-Founder, Matthew Addis, explored some of the approaches and techniques that can be applied to preserving office documents and emails. He…

23 Jun, 2020

Webinar: Planning for the future; How to build a long-term data management plan

Tom Lynam

In this webinar Tom Lynam explores how to build an effective plan for long-term data management success. The session covers a broad range of topics including; Why…

16 Jun, 2020

Pharmaceutical electronic archiving; Learning to swim with self-assessment and maturity models

Matthew Addis

Pharmaceutical and related organisations that need to retain digital content for compliance often have strict regulatory requirements that they need to follow.  For example, the FDA, MHRA…

15 Jun, 2020

Arkivum, in partnership with Google Cloud, awarded a role in multinational digital archiving project led by CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider

Tom Lynam

Arkivum’s expertise in archiving and digital preservation of valuable and complex data to be applied to vast datasets generated by world-leading scientific research A multinational scientific buyer…