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Secure long term data management for Compliance, IT and Business users in pharmaceuticals and life sciences organisations

Arkivum Trust

Long term data management for pharmaceuticals and life sciences organisations

Life sciences laboratories are rapidly becoming data enterprises but are your departments reaching their full potential?


Arkivum is a long-term data management solution for GxP data, giving you full control over your data regardless of where it’s located or which vendor created it. It ensures you are in compliance while sharing and collaborating with others guaranteeing 100% data integrity and protection against decommissioned systems and applications issues.


Be future-ready with state-of-the-art digital preservation, discovery and access.
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Digital Data Preservation: The next big compliance hurdle no one knows is coming

Regulations require storage of eTMF and clinical data for retention periods as long as 25 years or the lifespan of the product. At the same time, this content must be stored according to ALCOA+ principles. With increasing amounts of distributed data, and an increasing number of systems and partners to manage, the ability to centralise and manage data for the long term is more challenging than ever.

You’re on top of your organisation’s compliance and regulatory requirements but do you have data preservation and long-term access of your data under control?

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Top performing life sciences organisations trust Arkivum to manage their complex long-term data requirements

Arkivum Trust preserves your data for the long-term, maintaining compliance and regulation throughout and making sure it is accessible and reusable for as long as you need it

GxP and research data integrity

All pharmaceutical companies have a regulatory requirement to keep key GxP records (eTMF data, clinical study reports, lab notes etc) for the long term, in some cases indefinitely. During that time, it is mandated that regulatory authorities are able to have readable access to the archive for regulatory audit purposes and be able to reconstruct a clinical trial should there be a question about one of their products or trial processes years down the line.

Arkivum software and services makes your historical data an asset rather than a risk by removing data silos around your business to make data accessible and usable, guaranteeing 100% data integrity and preserving it for the long term.

100% data integrity

Remove data silos

Fully auditable lifecycle

Collaboration and data reuse

The competitive nature of the industry combined with the need to innovate and reduce costs is driving an increased need to be able to collaborate better both within and across organisations. Arkivum Trust provides secure sharing of data and adherence to regulatory standards to deliver GxP compliant data. This aids easier data migration between organisations, and creates a single source of truth across your long-term data. By using Arkivum we can give you peace of mind through our fully managed service that you will be able to access, reuse and consolidate data from recently acquired assets, trials or compounds and old research, removing data silos and ensuring long term management of your regulated data.

Compliant data management

Reuse and consolidate valuable data

Fully auditable lifecycle

Decommissioned applications and systems

Continuing to run systems once they have reached end of life is a very risky strategy, yet so many organisations do so. Not only does it mean a severe lack of security as you are often unable to plug decommissioned systems into your security policies and processes, it also means a lot of your valuable data is locked in to a system that could die at any point, which puts a lot of your research data at risk of loss, corruption and inaccessibility.

Arkivum software removes data silos and allows organisations to integrate valuable data, removing risk by making your data accessible usable and compliant for the long term.

Accessible usable and compliant data

Integrate valuable data

Fully auditable lifecycle

Some of our clients and partners

Some of the world's most forward-thinking organisations work with Arkivum to manage their long-term data lifecycle requirements

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"As a CRO, we need to demonstrate stringent data management and safeguarding practices to our existing and prospective clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to Arkivum and Thermo Fisher, we can focus our team on core pharmaceutical activities, knowing that the data is secure, usable, shareable, and compliant throughout its lifecycle. Arkivum provides our sponsoring organizations with the data they need, in neat, structured packages. This helps us demonstrate our value as a professional, long-term CRO partner."

Dr Marco Loddo, Co-Founder and Scientific Director at Oncologica

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